Greg and Barbara stand in front of the Anaheim Brewery parade float

How We Got Here

We like to say, half-jokingly, that our passion for beer is in our blood . . . Greg’s grandfather worked for the Pabst brewery in Milwaukee for 40 years.  Barbara’s great-grandfather was an early homebrewer – he made beer in his cellar during Prohibition.

But we really developed our love for fresh, local beer during the seven years we lived in Bavaria, Germany. Almost every small town in Bavaria has its own brewery that serves the local gasthauses and pubs.

Photo of Lieutenant Colonels Barbara and Greg Gerovac in Army uniform, around 2001

LTCs Barbara and Greg Gerovac, circa 2001

We were stationed in Germany in the mid-1980’s and early 1990’s, when we were serving in the U.S. Army.  Both of us served for twenty years and retired as Lieutenant Colonels. That means that our brewery is 100% veteran owned.

Once we hung up our Army uniforms in the early 2000’s, we found entry-level jobs at breweries in Northern Virginia.  After polishing our professional brewing skills at packaging breweries and brewpubs, we relocated back to Barbara’s native California. For a few years, we worked at several local brewpubs in Orange and LA counties.

Photo of three people tapping a keg at Anaheim Brewery's Grand Opening

Grand Opening, July 2011

In 2010, we re-established the famous Anaheim Beer that disappeared when National Prohibition closed the taps in 1920.  In May of 2011, we brewed our first batch of Anaheim 1888®, based on the style of beer made at the original Anaheim Brewery.  Today, Anaheim 1888® is an award-winning beer, and our personal favorite.

With Anaheim Brewery located in the heart of Packing District, there’s plenty of to-go food choices.  Grab something to eat, let your kids run around in Farmer’s Park while you kick back with a pint in our Beer Garden.

We look forward to sharing a glass & some laughter with you.

Barbara & Greg Gerovac