Our Beers

Anaheim 1888®
Anaheim Gold
Anaheim Red
Anaheim Hefeweizen
Coast to Coast IPA
La Mexicana
Berliner Weissbier
Anaheim Bockbier
One for Leo
Chocolate Stout

Growler Policy

We’ll gladly fill…
• Your clean Anaheim Brewery branded growler
• Any clean, blank 2-liter swing-top glass growler with gasket seal.
• Any clean 2-liter swing-top glass growler with previous brewery labels and logos COMPLETELY obscured in a fashion “not readily removable by the consumer”. COME PREPARED. We will NOT do this for you. Don’t use masking tape or blue painter’s tape.

We respectfully won’t fill…
• Dirty growlers
• Clear glass growlers
• Screw-top growlers
• Stainless steel growlers
• Damaged or chipped growlers
• Hydro Flasks or similar water bottle style screw-top containers
• We reserve the right to refuse to fill any growler for any reason